Your childbirth at home or in the hospital?

During your pregnancy you will need to decide where you want to give birth. In The Netherlands, women are given the option of home birth. If you have no complications in your pregnancy, you may choose for giving birth at home. During your pregnancy, you can decide what kind of birth you prefer. Discuss all the possibilities with your midwife, and go with your gut feeling.

When does the birth start?

Childbirth can start in different ways. For example with the water breaking, although that happens in only ten percent of childbirths. So the chance that it starts like that isn’t very big. But suppose it does start like that then it is important to note what colour it has. The amniotic fluid should be clear pink with possibly some flakes in it. If the amniotic fluid is brown or green this may indicate that your baby pooped and that he may be short of breath. If this is the case it is important to immediately call the midwife. A sign that the birth has started is regularly occurring contractions, coming every four to five minutes and lasting about 30 seconds. This is the start. If they are early contractions then they may subside again. After which the birth will start at a later moment.

BabyCare maternity care during birth

If a maternity nurse is present at birth then this is called parturition assistance or childbirth assistance. She supports the midwife with preparing the required equipment for birth and the care for mother and child. But she is also present for the support of you and your partner.

Pilot in hospital Tergooi:

Parturition assistance

Currently there is a pilot going in which some midwifery practices see a polyclinic birth as a displaced home birth. This means that with a polyclinic birth just like with a home birth, childbirth assistance is requested from a maternity care organisation. The intention is that the maternity nurse who assisted with the birth will accompany you home after the birth to give you further maternity care. You can inquire with your midwife if she is participating in the pilot.

Any questions?

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