Birth costs

Costs of childbirth

If you have no medical indication then you may choose for a home birth or a hospital birth. You will have to pay a private contribution if you choose for a hospital birth without a medical indication, this is than called a polyclinic birth.

Costs of home birth

The cheapest way to give birth is at home. The midwife and maternity nurse will then come to you to support you during birth. In the Netherlands maternity nurses are trained in such a way that they can guide a home birth optimally. The midwife will determine during the pregnancy whether a home birth is responsible. No further costs are made with a home birth. The midwife and maternity care are covered by the basic health insurance.

Costs of hospital birth

Birth costs are connected to a polyclinic hospital birth for use of the delivery room. Of this, a part is covered by the basic health insurance. The amount that remains is the statutory personal contribution. If you have a supplementary health insurance then this is usually fully reimbursed. If you want to give birth in the hospital, the maternity nurse will indicate when you leave. The maternity nurse will contact the hospital to say that you’re coming. With a hospital birth it will be assumed that you will be hospitalized for a maximum of 36 hours.

Costs medical birth

If your childbirth turns into a medical birth no personal contribution is required. Childbirth turns medical when for example a vacuum pump is used, when your contractions are medically induced and for instance when pain relief medication is used. The same applies of course when your pregnancy needs to be supervised by a gynaecologist.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the hospital are that in case of complications you are already at the hospital. The midwife will guide the birth just like she would have in a home birth. A disadvantage may arise when you are moved home quite quickly, but would first have to call the maternity nurse to discuss when you would arrive home. At this time it is possible, if you have a polyclinic birth at the hospital TerGooi, to be supervised by one of our maternity nurses. As BabyCare maternity care is currently cooperating in a pilot with this hospital. The maternity nurse would then accompany you home to care for you and your newborn baby.

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