Childbirth tips

The more your pregnancy progresses the more you will realise that soon you will really give birth. Every childbirth is different and especially when giving birth for the first time you will have no idea what to expect. Below we have summarised some tips for when you go into labour.

Tips to prepare you for childbirth

You could attend birthing courses. The information supplied there will help give you an idea of what will happen during childbirth and it will familiarise you with concentration and breathing exercises with which you may distract yourself. A course may be helpful, but it is not necessarily needed.

When does it start?

Going into labour is a process catalysed by both mother and child which will speed up as time progresses. It is therefore hard to pinpoint exactly when it will start. Going into labour may start in different ways, namely with the start of contractions, when your water breaks or with light vaginal bleeding. Real contractions are painful and you will really notice them. When you have painful contractions a warm bath or a warm shower can be wonderful. Contractions hurt, try to accept this. It helps when you have a positive attitude. When trying to deal with the contractions find a position in which you are comfortable.

Any questions?

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Tips as the childbirth progresses

Movement like walking aroune can shorten labor. Try walking around or rocking in a chair or on a birthing ball. Moving around can make you feel more in control, which may ease your anxiety and pain.  Don’t fixate on the amount of centimetres dilation. Try to focus solely on yourself ignoring your surroundings, mostly this happens automatically. Your body will now determine when the contractions come and for how long they last. The contractions will serve to push your baby deeper into your pelvis until you have full dilation. This is the point where you start to push and your baby will be born.