Home Birth

During the birth of your child it is important you feel comfortable and that you are in familiar surroundings. The place of birth, at home or in the hospital, will have to be chosen beforehand. Many mothers (-to-be) think it would be fantastic if their child could be born at home in familiar surroundings.

Guidance of the midwife or family doctor

When you choose for a home birth, your midwife or family doctor will perform the birth. He or she can predict how the process will go and will request assistance when necessary.  During the birth, the midwife will indicate when the maternity nurse should be notified for assistance. The midwife will call the maternity nurse in at the moment she sees fit. The BabyCare maternity nurses are 24 hours a day on standby, and will be by your side within the agreed time frame, once notified. The maternity nurse usually arrives at the moment when you are dealing with heavy contractions or ready to push.

Maternity care with a home birth

The maternity nurse will help prepare everything for the home birth; she will support you dealing with contractions and assist the midwife or family doctor. After the home birth she will take care of your child, she will help you with the first time feeding, clean up the nursery and care for you. This way you can immediately, in the comfort of familiar surroundings, enjoy the first moments with your newborn baby. She will start her maternity care duties and make this period as pleasant and comfortable as possible for you.

Early Support

What can the maternity nurse offer you if she is present from the beginning of the birth?
The maternity nurse can also be called earlier than normal to assist with the birth. The BabyCare maternity nurses are specially trained to be present from the beginning stages of the birth. Midwife practice Materna in Hilversum and Midwife practice Tara in The Hague have provided our maternity nurses with special training.

Before the birth, the maternity nurse will provide emotional support to both you and your partner, will remain calm and provide you with handy tips. For example, she will inform you of certain positions you can assume to ease pain and how to breathe properly. The maternity nurse can play an active role and stay by your side, or she can be a quiet presence in the background. If you are interested in this early support, please let BabyCare know in advance, and inform the midwife as well.

Any questions?

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