Preparing for birth

What should I prepare for childbirth?

Elevate your bed with bed raisers a minimum of 3 weeks before the due date. Even if you plan to give birth in the hospital, you are obliged to raise your bed to the right height (70cm). This is related to the ARBO law (Dutch labor law) for maternity nurses. Please make sure that your midwife is able to walk completely freely around your bed. Place a plastic mat or something similar under your bed sheets in case your water breaks. Make sure that there is enough light in the room.

BabyCare delivers free bed risers, bedpans and the like in collaboration with MediPoint. During the intake interview, this will be discussed. A waterbed is not appropriate for giving birth. If you  have a waterbed, you may instead elavate a guest bed. Medipoint also has a bed to lend on which you could give birth.

Checklist preparing for birth and the postpartum period

For you we have a handy Checklist preparing for childbirth and the postpartum period. This list tells you what you need during a home birth and also tells you what you should take if you are going to have a hopital birth.

Any questions?

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