Recovery C-section

Recovery after a caesarean section

If you give birth by cesarean section (C-section) then, thanks to our specially trained maternity nurses, you can go home quickly to recover and enjoy your postpartum period. Some maternity nurses specialize in recovery after caesarean section and were trained in the Mesos Medical Centre in Utrecht and the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort to provide maternity care after a complicated birth. This will allow you to go home sooner after delivery and will let you continue your postpartum period in the comfort of your own home. If you give birth through a C-section, you may after returning from the hospital receive maternity care until the tenth day after birth, depending on the policies of your health insurance.

What are possible reasons for a caesarean section?

• When the baby is in breech position the gynaecologist or midwife will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of caesarean section and vaginal birth.
• If you have previously given birth by caesarean section.
• If you are carrying twins or multiples.
• If your baby is lying sideways/transverse.
• When the placenta lies in front of the cervix.
• When your baby is short of breath during labour and you are not fully dilated.
• When contractions have been coming for a while but dilation is not progressing.
• When your baby’s head is too big for your pelvis.

The recovery after caesarean section

When you return home you will recover slowly. The recovery after caesarean section takes longer than with a natural birth. Because you underwent surgery and have an abdominal wound. On average it takes three weeks before the wound is healed. Often you will feel tired and weak. It is advisable to take plenty of rest, refrain from walking too much and to not do any lifting. Our specialized maternity nurses will guide you the first few days after you get home to recover from the caesarean. Apart from physical complaints you may during recovery have a hard time coping emotionally. For example, because you were under general anaesthetic during caesarean birth and did not consciously experience it. It may then be that you find it difficult to get used to your baby. Obviously fatigue, pain and other physical complaints also play a part which may leave you feeling gloomy. It is very important to discuss this with your maternity nurse, the midwife and your family.

Caesarean section and a subsequent pregnancy

When you have had a caesarean section that doesn’t mean you will get another caesarean in a subsequent pregnancy. It really depends on the reason why it was necessary in the first place. However in your next birth you will get a medical indication to give birth in hospital. This is because of the small chance that the scar in the uterus ruptures during labour. You will always be consulted by your gynaecologist to discuss whether a vaginal birth is justified in a subsequent pregnancy. This question can already be asked during your check up at the gynaecologist.

Breastfeeding and recovery after C-section

It is mostly possible to, after a caesarean, breastfeed normally. It does not matter if the caesarean was planned or not. If all goes well with your newborn baby, you can use the sucking reflexes immediately after birth. You can immediately start breastfeeding your baby so your baby ingests colostrum, the first valuable nutrition. This ensures your breastfeeding gets well underway. If you gave birth to a little baby it may be that he/she doesn’t have the power to drink and you may need to use a breast pump. When you come home our specialized maternity nurses will care and support you so you can enjoy these first days at home with your newborn baby.

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