Essentials list

Baby essentials checklist

You will need some practical tools for the maternity care and a potential home birth. This can be found in our baby essentials checklist. Think of bed raisers and bedpans. You don’t nessecarily need to buy these things instead you can just borrow them for a while from BabyCare.

Maternity care package, part of the baby essentials checklist

When you are pregnant you should inform your health care provider. If your policy covers pregnancy you will receive in the seventh month of pregnancy a maternity care package of your health care provider. If you do not receive a maternity package of your health care provider, you can buy one yourself at Prénatal or a home care store and check it with the essentials list.
You can also compose your own maternity care package and purchase supplies at the drugstore. If you are unsure whether a maternity care package is part of your health insurance, you can always ask your health care provider.
A maternity care package is required if you choose for a home birth. If however you want to give birth in hospital then you only need a few articles.

Baby essentials checklist!

Do you want to know what else you need for a home birth and the postpartum period? We have compiled a handy baby essentials checklist for you.