Maternity Care

About BabyCare Maternity Care

BabyCare has been around for over 30 years, which is something we are proud of! Many other maternity families have already enjoyed the excellent care that BabyCare offers. We have a great team of enthusiastic, well-trained maternity nurses on standby for you. They are eager to provide you a memorable maternity period, and will guide and support you in this first week with your baby.

It is important that you focus on healing after giving birth and that you receive genuine guidance in taking care of your newly born. Naturally the maternity nurse will provide you with the proper care, based upon your individual needs. It is our aim to appoint a sole  maternity nurse who will be present throughout your entire postpartum period.

The maternity care given by a maternity nurse spans the first week after birth. She has different duties during the maternity care like caring for you and your baby. Besides this she may also care for other children in the family. With the personal support and attention to you and your baby’s needs, our nurses will make sure your maternity period is memorable and relaxed.

From the moment you register with BabyCare, we will do everything in our power to provide you with the ultimate maternity experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or register for superior maternity care for mother and child!

Why choose BabyCare’s maternity care?

  • For 30 years experience!
  • Close cooperation with midwives in your area
  • Well educated and experienced maternity nurses
  • Certified quality maternity care
  • Lactation certificate WHO/Unicef
  • We guarantee your maternity care hours at sign up
  • A high degree of flexibility assigning maternity care hours
  • Lactation consult during your postpartum period
  • Rent and sale of Medela breast pumps
  • Start for maternity care in the evening and at night possible in consultation with the planning