Costs maternity care

The costs of maternity care and birth assistance are covered by basic health insurance. It is a part of everybody’s insurance package in the Netherlands. Thusly the costs of maternity care are paid for by your health insurance. However there is a statutory personal contribution which must be paid, of €4,60 (rates per 1-1-2021) per hour of maternity care. You will be billed for this by either BabyCare or your insurance company depending on company policy. These excess costs for maternity care are the same for all maternity organisations, as they are determined nationwide.

Supplementary insurance

Many supplementary insurances compensate the policy excess, often also compensating for other products and services, like for example expert breastfeeding advice. We therefore advise you to read your insurance policy concerning maternity care costs. For questions pertaining to your insurance coverage, you should call your health insurance company.

Costs of childbirth in a hospital

If you have decided to give birth in hospital as opposed to at home without a medical reason then you will be charged for your hospital admittance (in dutch termed a “poliklinische bevalling”). These costs will be charged to you by the hospital. You may or may not be insured for these costs depending on your health insurance company and your supplementary insurance package. The costs for childbirth with a medical reason will always be paid for by the health insurance.


Privately purchasing extra maternity care

Would you appreciate extra hours of maternity care without a medical indication? Then you may purchase extra hours of maternity care against a nationally set standard fee as determined by the NZA. If you would like more information on this subject feel free to contact us for information on the costs of privately funded extra maternity care.

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