Duties maternity nurse

Maternity Nurse

The maternity care at BabyCare is given by well-trained and experienced maternity nurses. Our employees are certified and follow all year training and courses. Additionaly BabyCare is a certified training company. We find it important to cooperate in training students to become a highly qualified maternity nurse. The trainee is always under supervision of the practice tutor and the supervisor. You always get expert care! During the interview we discuss with you if you are willing to give a student the opportunity to learn the job in practice.

Your wishes are our priority

It is important to know ‘What exactly are the tasks of a maternity nurse?’. On the first day of care you and your maternity nurse will make general agreements. It is important that you clarify your desires and wishes. The maternity nurse will then, within her professional capacity, fulfill your wishes as best she can.

Your maternity nurse will, dependent on the hours of maternity care and your personal situation, take care of some of light household chores (like cleaning the lavatory, doing the laundry and making lunch). For other chores we advise you to discuss matters with you maternity nurse. In case of something unexpected or unpleasant we ask you to discuss this with your maternity nurse or please feel free to contact an employee at our office. We will do our utmost to make your postpartum period as pleasant and comfortable as possible for you.

What are the duties of a maternity nurse?

We focus on the best care for mother and baby during the week. Giving genuine guidance and taking care of you and your newly born are the most important tasks of a maternity nurse. Daily checking your womb, breasts, wrists, temperature, legs and your postpartum bleeding. She also takes care of your baby and checks its temperature, weight, skin color, urine and stool.

Aside from this, the duties of a maternity nurse can be the care of other members of the family and some light household chores. Alongside you will find a short description of the duties of a maternity nurse. During the personal intake more information will be given on these subjects.



If there are any further questions about the ‘Duties maternity nurse’ please don’t hesitate to contact us or register now for superior maternity care for mother and child!

Duties maternity nurse summarized:

During home birth

  • Assisting midwife.
  • Taking care of you during delivery and immediate after giving birth.
  • Immediate care of your newly born after birth

During postpartum period

  • Care for mother and baby.
  • Monitoring and reporting of health of mother and newborn.
  • Giving information and instructions on for example feeding, care and hygiene.
  • Assistence with breast feeding and/or bottle feeding.
  • If required giving emotional support.
  • Throughout the entire postpartum period the maternity nurse will work together with the midwife and/or the family doctor, if necessary.

Household chores

  • Changing the bed linens of you and your baby.
  • Vacuum cleaning and dusting in your room and your baby’s room, living room and kitchen.
  • Cleaning sanitary.
  • Preparing your meal (breakfast. lunch and in consultation evening meal)
  • Dish washing and laundry.


  • A pleasant and comfortable postpartum period in which the care is dedicated to your personal needs and wishes
  • Attention for possible other children in the family.
  • Large amount of flexibility.