Intake Interview

When does the intake maternity care take place?

We will contact you before the 30th week of your pregnancy to schedule an intake interview. This appointment will be scheduled during the 30th week of your pregnancy. During this interview, you can relay your individual wishes and expectations to us, and we will explain all the possibilities. Our employee checks your data and provides information about the pregnancy, upcoming childbirth and maternity care. If there are medical or other reasons to schedule an intake interview earlier, please let us know.

Intake at home

The intake interview will take place at your home address during office hours. During the intake interview, we will discuss and record your individual needs and wishes. Your wishes will help us making a good match between you, your family and the nurse.

Please let us know if you have a different address, change of insurance company or email address / telephonenumber.


‘Landelijk Indicatie Protocol’ (LIP)

National Guidelines

There are national guidelines (LIP) that every maternity care organisation must adhere to. If there are no exceptional circumstances, the norm is 45 hours maternity care with bottle feeding and 49 hours with breastfeeding, during the first eight days. The number of hours and days of maternity care you will need are directly related to your family situation, the delivery experience and your post-delivery recovery. Your midwife is responsible for signing up for more hours when necessary. The nurse from BabyCare can advise her.


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