Quality Organisation

Quality comes first at BabyCare. Choosing BabyCare is choosing top quality maternity care! BabyCare is certified according to the HKZ standards and has been granted the International “Certificate for Breastfeeding” from Unicef. The care you and your baby will receive is part of our inherent protocol, which is established through our work ethic and methods, focussing on the well being of you and your baby. BabyCare works closely together with midwives, youth health inspectors and breastfeeding experts.

From the moment you contact us, you will experience that you are dealing with a professional organisation. The level of quality of our services is apparent in our continuous strive for customer satisfaction, and our long record of satisfied clientele.

Although we aim for a superior service, it is possible that you and your maternity nurse do not have the right match together.  Please feel free to contact us immediately. Perhaps we can solve the problem or we can arrange another nurse for you. Do you have a complaint? You may report it to an employee of BabyCare. Your complaint will be handled by and in consultion with our quality service team. If the complaint can not be solved by mutual agreement, we offer you the possibility to make use of our independent complaints officer from BO geboortezorg http://bogeboortezorg.nl/contact/ . This service is fee of charge.


If you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us or register for our quality maternity care!

 Quality Of The Maternity Nurse

Our certified maternity care personnel are highly educated and have extensive experience in the field. BabyCare bestows great value on the fact that our maternity nurses receive frequent retraining courses, guaranteeing you the best possible care. In order to achieve this, BabyCare offers training programs several times a year. This ensures that all of our maternity nurses are in possession of the following certificates:

  • Assistance with breastfeeding
  • Early detection
  • First Aid for Children
  • Assistance during delivery
  • Complications during and after delivery

Furthermore, BabyCare has maternity nurses that are equipped with the following specialisations:

  • Caesarean birth (c-section) after care
  • After care for incubator babies
  • Care for multiples
  • Mother care when your baby is hospitalised
  • Maternity care after adoption



Reporting code

Professionals working in health care, youth and education, are since 1 July 2013 obliged to use the reporting code to suspicions of domestic violence . A report code is a clear five-step what our organization supports in dealing with signs of domestic violence or child abuse. For more information about this reporting code, please refer to: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/huiselijk-geweld/inhoud/meldcode