Nutrition and Pregnancy

When you are expecting, a healthy lifestyle is important and healthy nutrition is a part of this. Do not “eat for two” because this really isn’t necessary. Keep eating roughly the same amount and then, after your pregnancy, you will be back at your old weight in no time. Your nutrition and pregnancy stand in relation to each other. The most important thing is that you eat varied and sufficient so that you will receive all the necessary nutrients.

There is one important maxim for during your pregnancy, namely: don’t eat raw and half-raw products. The reason for this is that the listeria bacteria may be present and it can be harmful for the baby in your belly.

Don’t eat and drink

  • Raw meat en meat products, like steak tartar, Carpaccio and tartar. These can contain toxoplasmosis.
  • Raw fish, carapace- and shell food.
  • Vacuum packed fish such as smoked salmon, eel and mussels, which can contain listeria bacteria. (after heating you may eat it)
  • Predatory fish; tuna, swordfish.
  • Eels from rivers.
  • Raw Milk Cheese (au lait cru), almost all the cheeses in the supermarket you can eat.
  • Do not drink alcohol, it is harmful to your baby.

Eat and drink less during pregnancy

  • Liver products like spread-sausage and pate. These contain a lot of vitamin A. Too much of this can be dangerous for your baby.
  • Use Liquorice and salt sparingly. These may cause increased blood pressure.
  • Coffee; a maximum of 4 cups a day due to the caffeine.

Things you should eat and drink during pregnancy

  • Protein; every day eat some meat, fish or eggs.
  • Antioxidants and iron; by eating vegetables every day you will get plenty, things like broccoli, chicory, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
  • Vitamin E, use nuts, seeds and vegetable oil.
  • High fibre foods by eating whole grain products and unpeeled fruits.
  • Dairy products, eat or drink at least a pint of milk, buttermilk or yogurt per day.
  • Unsaturated fatty acids such as in the fat of fish; salmon, monkfish, catfish, sardines, trout and herring. Eat this once or twice a week. It contains important building blocks for the brains and the retina of your baby.

Any questions?

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